About Us



Be the trusted, influential, and powerful sound of Southern Utah.


Safeguard, Entertain, and Enrich the communities we serve and impact the success of our client partners.

Core Values

Respect our community, Entertain our listeners. Value our customers.

Governing Principles

Be the trusted LOCAL voice and preferred LOCAL choice.

Think BIG. Act small. Grow Responsibly.

Enrich our Community through generous public service.

 Leave Nothing to Chance.

 Over communicate: No surprises. No secrets. No excuses.

Structure builds strength.

Exceed Expectations. Measure Results and ROI.

Celebrate Excellence and Continuous Improvement.

Value Customers with overwhelming service and recognition.

Past Performance Provides Present Privileges.

Be the Standard of Integrity.


Redrock Broadcasting, Inc., a local Broadcasting Company in Southern Utah, owns and operates KURR-FM (MIX 103.1), KRQX-FM (KOOL 98.9), and KUTQ-FM (102.3 COYOTE), in Washington County, Utah. Redrock Broadcasting is 100% owned by G. Craig Hanson, who was President of Simmons Media from 1978 until his retirement in 2014.

Craig is past Chairman and President of the Utah Broadcasters Association (UBA) and continues to serve on the UBA Board of Directors. Under Craig’s leadership, Simmons Media purchased KDXU 890 AM and KZEZ FM 93.5 FM in St. George from the John Miner family in 1986, followed by KZHK FM 95.9 in 1995, and subsequently KONY FM 94.3, KPLD FM 101.1, KREC FM 98.1, KSGI AM 1450, KEOT FM 99.7, KUNF AM 1210. In 2003 and 2012 Simmons sold these stations to groups that are now known as Canyon Media and Cherry Creek Radio.

In 2013 Craig purchased KURR 103.1 FM and KRQX 98.9 FM from Goldman Sachs and Simmons Media and acquired KUTQ 102.3 FM in 2015 from Cochise Broadcasting. From 2013 through 2016 Craig owned and developed the Seegmiller Peak Communications site which is home for the broadcast transmitters and tower for all major St. George area radio stations.

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